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As long as there are no government COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings, in person sessions will be provided.

You do not have to be alone navigating your life, let me help you

“No more excuses. No more self-sabotage. No more self-pity. No more comparing yourself to others. Time to step up. Take action right now and start living your life with purpose” Anthon St. Maarten

Counselling can be a positive life-changing experience which can allow you to find personal growth and ultimately regain control or acceptance over deep personal issues. My mission is to help people find purpose, hope, and success in their personal lives and relationships. I strive to provide a safe environment for my clients to share their lives, communicate freely and move forward in the path of healing. Knowing your identity is essential to understanding who you are in the midst of all that is happening around you. You can know that you are accepted, you are secure, and you are significant, as you gain perspective in any circumstance.

Your journey with me includes tools that focus on healing and improving the mental health of individuals; all which are a path towards healthier, more fulfilling lives and relationships.

To take the first step to counselling may take a lot of courage, yet it’s the most crucial step to your wellbeing. I understand this is a significant step in your effort to discover joy in your circumstances. I desire to help individuals not only cope, but to overcome their circumstances. To cope is to live with old issues; to overcome is to live anew. Please, do not postpone, take your first step today, send an email or just contact me. I am ready to meet with you and listen to you; I am ready to help you to find your way.

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