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Relationship Problems

Ksenija Kuprisova, Covesea, Counselling, Covesecounselling, Book therapy
  • Relationship in Crisis

  • Post-Affair Recovery

  • Intimacy Issues

  • Anger

  • Developing Intimacy and Closeness in a relationship

  • Improving Communication

  • Developing Conflict Resolution Skills


I believe that one of the most critical elements that can affect an individual’s mental health, self-worth, and level of satisfaction in life is their interpersonal relationships.  I understand that mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress and many others can significantly impair the level of functioning of any relationship and family system.  When studying and working with people, I have found that the reverse is almost always true. The level of satisfaction and closeness in relationship and family system can directly affect an individual’s mental health.  I often find GP immediately trying to medicate clients, to address symptoms without exploring the root of the problem.  I recognize that medication is often needed but believe that underlying (root) issues can be fuelling the client’s depression, anxiety etc.  Loneliness, rejection, betrayal, abandonment, unresolved anger, and trauma along with many other relationships induced issues when treated can relieve the client of their painful symptoms.  I help clients work through their experiences, feelings, and beliefs to improve an individual’s mental health condition and quality of life.

Let us agree that when things are not going well in relationship or family it becomes difficult to focus and concentrate at work. Work problems along with relationship and family problems can begin to put a tremendous amount of stress and pressure on a person.  Unresolved conflict and resentment can begin to cause relationship to deteriorate. depression, hopelessness, anger, and anxiety can begin to set it.  Many referrals for counselling are relationship oriented.  Relationship breakup, child behavioural problems etc. often lead clients to call for help.

I value relationship and families and it is my goal to help yours to succeed. Do not postpone, contact me today

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